CCM4Less is a site to provide Continuing education to Certified Case Managers (CCMs)

A CCM is already a licensed Mental Health Professional or Nurse who is also certified as a CCM.

A CCM needs 80 hours of Continuing Education every 5 years.  8 of those 80 hours need to be Ethics -

We offer a FREE 8 hour CCM ethics course which will be very popular.

So, CCM4Less provides training to 1 type of person (a CCM) in any state (we don't even ask what state 

they are in), so that makes it easier.

When a person signs up, they will tell us if they have a license as Mental Health, a Nurse, or Other.

If they say "Mental Health" and buy a 1 year CCM package, they are automatically signed up for 1 year 

of free courses at Ce4Less.

And the same for Nurses at NurseCe4Less

If they already have an Unlimited at Ce4Less or Nurse, it will extend the expiration date to the expiration date

of the CCM account.  

Charges on the CCM site are processed through the Ce4Less Paypal account - we tell them when checking out

and on the receipt that "Charges will appear as Ce4Less"

Courses at CCM don't count at Ce4Less or NurseCe4Less and vice versa

The courses on CCM are from Ce4Less or Nurse.  But, they need to take CCM courses at CCM4Less, Mental Health

courses at Ce4Less and Nurse Courses at NurseCe4Less.  The tests will have fewer questions at CCM and the 

CCM courses will be worth more hours.  For example a 2 hour course at Ce4Less might be worth 3 at CCM.

Discount Codes  

Nurse info is in customer's "My Account" in a dropdown that says "Need CCM Hours?"  


Nurses with Unlimited get $30 off Unlimited CCM

Hours for 1 Year AND Extend their NurseCe4Less

Unlimited Courses Access for the Same Time Period.

Nurses without Unlimited get $15 off Unlimited CCM

Hours for 1 Year AND get Unlimited Courses Access 

at NurseCe4Less for the Same Time Period.


Info soon