Improving Cultural Competence, Part 1 - New Course

We wanted to let you know that we have added a new 3 hour Cultural Competence course: Improving Cultural Competence, Part 1 Introduction to Cultural Competence Remember, you can always look at any of the No Book to Buy materials (the course and post test) without purchasing the course. We are offering this 3 hour course (normally $17.97) for ONLY $11.94 through Thursday, November, 27th. This is a No-Book-To-Buy course - All material is included. To Claim your Discount - While checking out, enter the code THANKS in the box that says "Do you have a gift card" then click on "Update Price". Culturally responsive skills can improve client engagement in services, therapeutic relationships between clients and providers, and treatment retention and outcomes. Cultural competence is an essential ingredient in decreasing disparities in behavioral health. This course defines cultural competence, presents a rationale for pursuing it, and describes the process of becoming culturally competent and responsive to client needs. It introduces a framework, adapting Sue’s (2001) multidimensional model of cultural competence as the guiding model across chapters. It ends with a broad overview of the concepts integral to an understanding of race, ethnicity, and culture. Click Here to See the Course: Improving Cultural Competence, Part 1 Introduction to Cultural Competence Other Popular Courses Supervision - A Guide for Mental Health Professionals HIV/AIDS Overview: Part 1 Epilepsy Motivational Interviewing Women and Mental Health Autism Spectrum Disorder Head Trauma Psychopharmacology a Comprehensive Review HIV/AIDS A Comprehensive Review Aging and Long Term Care Pain Management: A Comprehensive Review DSM 5 Cheers! Will and the Ce4Less team

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